Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Cabin Creek" Spiders

I am offering a couple of fly selections for sale. One is a four fly soft hackle tied with four different color bodies, peacock thorax and partridge hackle. The other is a four fly different color body, peacock thorax with starling hackle.

These flies are tied with attention to detail, with materials known to take trout.

Selection #1, is the four partridge hackle selection.
Tied on #14 hooks.

Selection #2 is the starling hackle set.
These are also tied on #14 hooks.

The price of each set is $8.00 plus shipping. If interested you can contact me at


  1. Nice flies! But I think there is a typo in the "staling set". I guess it's starling. Thanks for sharing!
    PS I'm warming up for this summers fishing. Saw a couple of eagles (related to the Bald Eagle, but with brown "hair") today. DS

    1. The Jassid Man,
      Mats it's nice to hear from you. The eagle "awesome"
      A good season for you.

  2. Alan
    The soft hackle works on the tailrace here, impressed with both sets. Will be in touch--thanks for sharing

  3. There's a simple beauty in a sparsely tied soft hackle fly or North Country Spider. Your flies are certainly beautiful. I often fish here in Australia with just a Partridge and Orange and a Snipe and Purple on the end of my line. If we were allowed to fish three flies at once I'd tie on a Waterhen Bloa to complete the "Famous Three". Might it be possible for me to buy a set of your flies? I enjoy following your blog very much.

  4. Steve Hynes,
    Simplicity is key. The three flies you mentioned are indeed famous.
    Steve you can email me at