Thursday, September 15, 2016

So Cool...A Streamer Give-Away.....

This might be a little nuts, or I may be a little nuts for doing such a post, but here is the story. Long about 2008 I tied this streamer. I posted on several fly fishing forums, and a few web sites. It was also picked up by an international fly fishing site and published.

My offer is this...the first person who can give me the name of this streamer fly will win it.


  1. You named that steamer ICE!!! Here is one of the pages with this information:

    1. Brennan
      You are right. How did you find it?

    2. Brennan
      E-mail me at

    3. Well, since you ask, let me tell you exactly what I did:

      I started off very simple. I downloaded the photo you posted and searched google using the photo to see if you had ever posted it anywhere else on the internet. Turns out you have probably got a new camera or two since 2008 and you re-took this photo for this post. So that turned up zero results!

      Then I decided to just try to google image search for "Brk Trt Purple Streamer" that was a long shot that came up with way too many results. I did find some more of your more recent purple streamers however such as the "South Bog" and "Silver Badger Prince." So from there I did an advanced search and only searched for images estimated to be from around 2008. That made things much much easier. From there I spotted a small thumbnail of the ICE streamer on fly, once I opened that link up, I had to do some searching through a page of streamers but lo and behold, there it was. I was a little concerned that you might have assumed your pseudonym of "Brk Trt" after 2008. If that was the case I was going to have to go through and try to find your name somewhere and search under that. Without the 2008 hint it would have been even more difficult to locate!

      Oh, and by the way, I noticed that you also named the picture "ICE.jpg" so I had my suspicions that was the name from the get go, but I really wanted to go about it the right way and try to locate one of your original posts! This was a really fun challenge. I am a long time reader who is a huge fan of your take on life, food, and fishing.

    4. Super detective work. A hint was in the title of the post "So Cool"....
      Brk Trt has been with me for a long long time.

  2. Brennan I'm not sure if I'm impressed or frightened by the searching skills you posses ;)! Gorgeous steamer Brk Trt!

  3. Well I'm pretty impressed with Brennan's detective work and with the fly. Congrats Brennan.

  4. I'm really impressed with the research ability, but I'm more impressed with th fly beautiful work ,alan.

  5. CRUISER. It's got the Navy colors, blue and gold.