Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Winners Are.....

Thank all of you.
The winners are.

The "Badger" Streamer is Brad Basehore

The soft-hackles and fly box is srtilis

I would like these two winners to contact me at I'll need your shipping address.


  1. The contest is a neat idea -- thanks and congrats to the winners, but the real winners are you folks who have easy access fly fishing throughout the winter. That was a dandy rainbow, btw. Now, where's my ice auger?

  2. Congratulations to Brad and srtilis. I look forward to reading of your successes with Alan's wonderful Christmas gifts.
    Merry Christmas to everyone,

  3. Hey!!!! Congrats to both winners!

    Those are beautiful flies that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

    Well done.....Phil

  4. Alan, I can't believe I won the featherwing fly. I never win anything. This must be an omen of some kind. Gentlemen, I assure you Alan ties some of the most beautiful featherwings I've ever seen. To add this fly to my collection is a real treat. The other two featherwings I own we're also tyed by Alan, they are in small display boxes on my tying desk where I can see them every time I tie flies. Thanks again and meet Christmas.

  5. Dear Santa Alan, thanks for the wonderful opportunity and congrats to the winners. Actually, we're all winners as followers of your adventures. Merry Christmas1

  6. Congrats to the winners. Alan ties some gorgeous flies that are very effective!! Alan thank you for your generosity !!

  7. Congrats to the winners! I won one of Alan's streamers last year and treasure it. I keep it within a frame with a water color trout painting my daughter Paige made for me.

  8. Congratulations Folks! I hope you realize what a treasure you hold in your hands! Alan, great idea and great looking patterns! Please do this again soon!

  9. well done guys, a very nice gesture by Alan.