Sunday, February 13, 2022

"Home Waters"

Home Waters....that  a place anglers call the stream the place to be. This is my home water...I call it such not because of it's closeness to my home and not because of the large brook tout it holds, the latter is somewhat of an exaggeration. It's a stream that has gone through some major changes over the decades I have fished it. Large storms and nasty winters have sent the stream in different directions. Some pretty big trees have fell and have dammed the flows. Droughts have reduced it to a mere trickle at times and it was at these times I was most concerned about it's survival. But year after year she came back.


Mt home water is small yet it has named pools...."mossy pool" for one. Within it there are always wild brookies..."moe's pool" is another, I don't know who moe is but when I fish his pool I take a hit.

Autumn on my home water...."fill your waders run"...many fond memories.

A couple of wild jewels that have come from my home waters over the years.

I have not been able to fish my home waters in the past year. I will hope fully accomplish that in 2022.

It is "Home Sweet Home"



  1. Beautiful stream and the Brookies were big for a water that size. A friend and I are going tomorrow with our wives for Valentines day.

  2. How very fortunate, Alan, to have such a jewel of a stream close to your home. Years when it is reduced to a trickle must have you praying for rain. I know I would be.

    Best, Sam

  3. Any stream that supports those wild jewels is special but that one still stands out. I especially like the colors in the fall photo. Lots of wood in the water is good for the fish and keeps things interesting for the the fisherman as it gets arranged and rearranged with each big storm.

    After the warm weather yesterday, the snow on the ground this morning was a surprise (even if it was forecast).

  4. It's a beautiful stream, Alan. Hope you get to swing a picket pin through the runs/pools/riffles this year.

  5. Alan you are blessed to have such a pretty wild trout stream near to your home. I have 4 streams very close by and one is within walking distance only a few hundred feet behind my home. Sadly each one is simply too warm through the summer to support trout and I have yet to find a “local” brook trout stream in the town I live in. They are loaded with Fall Fish, River Herring, Blue Gills and small Bass. I fish them all often and have many wonderful memories on them. It’s a 30 minute ride for me to reach wild trout water. I’m not complaining as I know some people have to drive a lot longer than that to reach trout but with the price of fuel getting really scary it would be nice to find trout water closer to home. This might be the year as I found a couple of blue lines in town with access points that are not posted. We’ll see.

  6. Alan, how lucky you are in the middle of that microclimate that you have there, here in Tierra del Fuego, yesterday we had such a strong wind that it reached 110 km/hour, so the weather here is sometimes so severe that we cannot go out to the field to fishing, I congratulate you and get ready for this good season that I suppose you are going to have

  7. And here I was thinking to be the only one to name features of my home waters... "horseshoe pond", "barking dog beach". I'd definitely prefer fishing "mossy pool" over my regular "goose poo point".

  8. Alan
    I'm sure you know when you are suppose to get a hit in some of those pools in your home water; you know the streams that well. Thanks for sharing

  9. G'Day Alan,

    Lovely Home Water and brook trout.

    While I might have 3 or 4 streams within a short distance of where I live, my Home Water is the Stevenson River at Marysville in Victoria. There are spots where I can usually locate a resident trout. I like being able to have a newcomer to fly fishing hook and release trout from these places. I also take some delight when I hook a trout from a spot where onlookers are sure that there couldn't be any fish! The looks I get, especially from kids, is a buzz. It's almost as if they think I'm some kind of magician!
    Kindest Regards,

  10. Alan,
    As O.W. would say... That is your stream, you own it. Even if you don't possess the deed to the property.


  11. Although I am now over 100 miles away, I still have my home water. Great pictures!

  12. Alan,
    Your home waters are intrinsically beautiful and it's not hard to understand why you are so attached to them! I have it pictured in my mind and can hear incredible bird life in spring, summer, and fall and deafening quiet during the winter season! All have their place and their individual beauty in their own right!
    Thank you for sharing this special place (Brook Trout Forrest?) with us! It is a place that I want to be!

  13. A wonderful little piece of heaven, Alan. So different from my 'home' water, but the foundations remain the same.

  14. It seems to me that Alan must have some communication problem, right? We hope that any anomalous situation that may arise will be resolved soon, in any case I send a hug to you and Jeanette, hoping that you are both in good health...

    1. My thoughts and prayers are with Alan and Jeanette. More than a little concerned with lack of communication from Alan.

  15. Alan, Thanks for sharing so many of your wonderful memories and inspiring others to make their own. May you forever remain on your Home Waters.