Sunday, April 3, 2022

A little day trip for the soul

 With warmer weather on the horizon, and a new trout season set to open later this week, I promise there will be more fishing posts coming. 

For now, a little reminder to get out by the water to cleanse the soul and connect with nature. 

Yesterday, we took advantage of the nice weather and took a little impromptu road trip with my mom, to get her out in the fresh air. So often, myself and my girlfriend, Krystina, find we are drawn to the shoreline when we need a moment to breath, and just enjoy smelling the fresh salt air. Yesterday was one of those days, and we found ourselves in Newport, Rhode Island. 

Newport is a city found on the Aquidneck Island of Rhode Island. Known for hosting the America's cup, a renowned annual sailing regatta for many years, as well as the Gilded Age mansions lining Bellevue Avenue. You can spend the day exploring many of these mansions, as now most of them are museums or walk along the 3.5-mile walking trail along the shoreline that runs behind these mansions, referred to as the Cliff Walk, to take in the beautiful architecture. 

We started our day off in Newport by making a stop at the Fort Adams State Park. It sits right at the mouth of the Newport Harbor and allows for remarkable views of both Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay. You can take a tour of the Fort itself, a former United States Army post, or just walk along the many docks and trails, and watch the sailboats coming in and out of the Harbor. This park also plays home to many Rugby teams, which we caught a glimpse of as we were driving into the park. 

Jeanette & Alan Jr. by Newport Bay

View of Fort Adams from the docks

The Claiborne Pell/Newport Bridge across the Bay from Fort Adams State Park

Krystina, Alan Jr & Jeanette at Fort Adam's State Park

Our second stop of the day took us along the beautiful Ocean Avenue. A twelve-mile stretch that
combines spectacular oceanfront homes and amazing water views. On this stretch, you will come across a 15,861-square-foot Louis XIV inspired chateau, named Seafair. Whose resident, as of 2017 is former Tonight Show host Jay Leno and his wife Mavis.  As you would assume, the chateau and the surrounding acreage is spectacular.  Leno has spoken of driving by it one day, doing the same travel as we were doing, and happening upon it. His wife loved the look of it so much, he offered to buy it for her. He walked up to the door and asked if it was for sale. It happened to be, but not yet on the market, so he made an offer to buy everything in the house, including the ketchup in the fridge and the owner accepted. 

Our final stop in Newport was at Brenton Point State Park, which is situated on Ocean Drive. Here you can get sweeping views of Narragansett Bay at its juncture with the Atlantic Ocean. It's a beautiful place for picnicking, and a very popular spot for flying kites on the sprawling lawn overlooking the ocean.  Also, a great spot to explore the little tidal pools, and collect some beautiful seashells to complete our day. 
Krystina & Jeanette at Brenton Point

Jeanette at Brenton Point

Jeanette, Alan Jr. & Krystina at Brenton Point

A great day exploring Newport & taking in the fresh air. 
Pops would have loved the views and enjoyed all the local history we discovered. 


  1. It was great to see you all enjoying the weather and views. My best to your family.

  2. I spent quite a bit of time down there this winter! It feels far removed from so much of the rest of southern New England. Very different feel.

  3. Best to the family as well and thank you for sharing this!

  4. Thank you for posting and maintaining the Blog.
    It has always been a joy for me and such a wealth of knowledge.
    I have often referred back to past entries from time to time.

  5. thank you Alan Jr. for sharing your day out, beautiful place, my blessings, kisses to all three..

  6. Thanks for sharing your time together with all of us.
    Hugs from the Hynes family in Australia.
    With Kindest Regards,
    Steve, Lynda and Seth

  7. Glad you all were able to make it outdoors, considering all the snow and bad weather you have experienced recently. Thanks for sharing

  8. Looks like a great day! Thanks for sharing.

  9. To the Petrucci's!
    What a great series of pics you have posted here! Thank you Alan Jr. for doing this! Everyone looks glad to be outside! A little chilled but glad!

  10. It's always fun to see Doug's exuberance; I share his sentiments. Thank you, Alan, for continuing to bring life to your fathers blog. ...and that hoodie, it's AWESOME! Go Sox, baby. It's good to see your mom out and about.

  11. Thanks for posting and keeping the blog alive. Looks like a fun trip.

  12. G'Day,
    I just wanted to let you know that you are all still in our thoughts,
    Kindest Regards,

  13. Hi. Is it possible to order your father’s book A Thin Blue Line? If so, please contact me on my emailadress:

    1. Hi Lars, I will be reaching out to you shortly. thanks!

  14. Lost the recipe for the corned venison, please send