Thursday, April 22, 2010


Wild trout that inhabit small streams have a reputation of not being selective on the flies that are presented to them. Food is in short supply so if it floats by whack it.
I have fished many a little waterway in my time and have found this not to be true. Size, shape, and color at times are very important. Color probably the least of importance.
There have been times when a size 14 Elk Hair Caddis will bring a trout to the surface in an instant on certain days, and on others it is refused, the trout prefering a size 16 or 12.
I am very fond of fishing a Bomber pattern and it has done very well for me, and on other days a complete dud. I'll tie on a 14 Royal Coachman and drift it through the same run and its met with a violent strike.
I have taken various materials used on other patterns such as, woodchuck, calftail, peacock, vaarious colored threads, and dubbings and incorporated them into a series of flies.
I have fished these dry, wet, and as a emerger with good results.


  1. Very nice variation of a classic. Is it the wing that is made out of calftail?

    Such beautiful colors on those trout. Do you notice if the colors of the trout in one stream is different from the color in another or are they pretty varied all around?

  2. Great blog man. love the pics. Found your site through SFF so its nice to see another SE Flyfishing blog. I'm putting the 14 royal coachman in my box first chance I get. It will come in handy for the small trout streams in the upstate.

  3. Jeff,
    The wing is calftail, works so much better than deer.

    Brk Trt

  4. On The Fly,

    Thanks for the compliments.
    And that Royal Coachman has saved an outing or two for many times.

    Brk Trt

  5. Beautiful flies, beautiful fish, and excellent blog BT! It's hard to beat wild fish on dries. Looking forward to more!!


  6. Hello Brk Trt,
    I got your e-mail, so I thought I chime in. i really enjoyed viewing your blog. You have some great pics of stream fishing and wild trout.I just opened my new blog account moments ago. I'm excited about this great way of sharing our outdoor hobbies with other fishermen. But I must say I have a lot to learn about this new method of blogging. Looking forward to more of your fishing adventures!!

  7. gone fishing,

    We're looking foward to you post here and on your blog.
    I as well as others will try to make your time on this blog both informative and entertaining.


    Brk Trt