Sunday, April 11, 2010

In Search of Wild Rainbows

Started today early. The wife had to be in work for 5am, and that left me some time to walk a stream
Newmans Own and a sausage biscuit and off I went.

The stream was beautiful with a strong flow and water temps of 56 degrees.
I did not see any rises so I tied on a Picket Pin, size 14

I cast the fly into the run and did this many times without a take. Moving to the next run I cast the fly along a boulder and as the fly copleated its swing the trout hit. After a brief tussel the wild brown came to hand.

The little Picket Pin worked hard for a few hours fooling several more trout but none to hand.

There is so much more beauty showing up along the streams now.

Brk Trt


  1. I think your blog will prove to be as nice a find as a new small stream.

    Both seem to have the prettiest trout!

  2. cstewart35

    Thank you and welcome