Saturday, April 10, 2010


This is a new venture for me.

I have been fly fishing for oh so many years with a passion for small streams that hold and sustain wild trout.

In the times to come I'll talk of my times on these waterways as well as other topics.

Please feel free to express your thoughts and times fly fishing .


  1. Hey Brk Trt,
    Look forward to your new blog!
    This is a great way to share your small stream adventures.
    Nothing beats a day in the woods on a cool clear stream followed by a nice meal.
    I'll check in and chime in often.
    John aka Apache Trout

  2. Welcome John,

    Your contributions will be a plus to this blog.

  3. Thanks,
    I mistakenly joined twice. Think I have it fixed.
    I wish I was half as good with a computer as a I am with a fishing rod. ;)
    I'll spread the word.
    PS. Put the link to your blog at the bottom as your signature in the fishing forums you belong to, you'll pick up followers.

  4. Brk Trt, I've been following your posts for some time on Really, REALLY, looking forward to seeing your future posts and pictures.

    Good luck :)


  5. Gareth,

    Thanks for stopping by.