Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Small Stream...... Sunday

I was given the opportunity to fish a small stream in western Connecticut this past Sunday. I have never fished this stream before, but the flyfisher "Apache Trout" who told me of its location and the little wild one's who call it home. We met at stream side and fished the afternoon. The fly selection mostly dries enabled the two of us to achieve many hookups as well as a few to hand. The stream was beautiful with many glassy pools, riffles and pockets. It is deeply shaded which keeps its waters cool. I was very impressed with the little stream and the wild one's who live there. In several of the photos" Apache Trout" can be seen stalking the wiley browns with a Mountain Caddis. Please enjoy this stream as I did.


  1. That's a very beautiful little stream, "Apache" has entrusted you with a gem.

  2. Had a great time, we'll do it again soon.