Monday, July 26, 2010

"Ausable Wulffs"

This is a favorite of mine, and I have fished it on small wild trout streams as well as larger rivers, with very good success. I tie them in sizes 14 and 16. The other day I tied a few in a much larger size with the thought of fishing them in very fast and rough water. Yesterday I gave them a test. The flies were very visable and floated well in the rough water, the hits on the big guys were few, but when a fish did rise and take it "WOW" you knew there was a fish on. One of the Wulffs is in a trouts lip, the other alongside of a rock I guess.

This big fly fast water thing is something I will do again.


  1. That's PERFECT Ausable Wulff water. I love fishing heavy flows with them

  2. this winter I plan on trying to tie some. I hope mine look 1/2 as good as yours.

  3. Great fly. We share a common appreciation for Fran's flies. The Wulff, Haystack, Usual, and Bomber account for 95% of the fish I take on dry flies. Nice tie.