Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Along with fly fishing, baseball is another passion of mine. Having followed the game since the late 50's, and becoming a diehard fan of the Red Sox in 1965.
Over the course of those many seasons the Sox have kept me frustrated, energized, entertained, and finally gave me World Series championships.

In the years that I've followed the "Game", and the "Bosox" many great players have taken positions on the fields of play, some honorably, and some not. I have a core of players who I believe are and were respectful of the "Game" A few players of my era...... Yaz, Fisk, Evans,...... Maris, Nettles, Munson,......Tiant, Palmer, Ford.... Jeter, Bernie Williams, Bob Gibson, and many more, who have played with honor.

This July for the first time we visited the Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown. As I walked through the doors I had a feeling of pride knowing what this building held. Walking through the halls where players, managers, owners, and umpires are enshrined was humbling. But the finest moment was when I walked into the stands of Doubleday Field, where it all began. As I sat there looking onto the field, thoughts of the many players over the years that have walked on that field,it brought forth many emotions

As we stepped onto the trolley, that would take us to the parking lot, I looked back at the "Hall" and said "Thanks" to those who Honored "The Game"


  1. Looks like a great trip! I took my 5 year old son to 2 Phils games over the weekend...I think i really light his fire. Cheesteaks, melting ice cream and 2 nice wins over the rockies mith my little man...can't beat it.
    Cheers - Peter

  2. Peter,

    That is a nice start, Dad, Son, and baseball.

    Wonderful blog too.