Sunday, August 1, 2010

"The Intimidator"

Several years ago I tied a streamer fly using mostly black as the basic color. Upon completion of the streamer it had in my opinion a very intimitating look to it. So the name was given to the fly, "Intimidator"

We have been going to Maine each September for years, staying at a camp on Rangeley Lake. The camp owners are wonderful hosts and I had given them two streamers mounted in a glass display, and one of the streamers was the Intimidator.

Somewhere along the way I posted the Intimidator on a flytying forum and it was viewed by a man who was the GM of a ski area in Maine, "Saddleback". The new owners of Saddleback had decieded they were going to name
the ski trails after the names of streamer flies, Rangeley, Maine being home to many great streamer flies, and tyers.
The GM who also tied streamers saw the Intimidator on the forum, he contacted me and asked if I was the originator of the streamer, to which I responded yes. He wanted to use the streamers name on one of Saddleback's ski trails. I gave him permission and told him he could see the fly at the owners camp in Rangeley. After he visited and saw the fly first hand they went with the plan to use it.

A painted "Intimidator" streamer fly now shows the way along a ski trail on Saddleback, Rangeley Maine.


  1. That's a cool fly, with a cool story too!

  2. That's a neat story, If I every ski up that way I'll have to check the trail out !

  3. That's a very cool story. Don't know if you ski, but either way would be an honor.

  4. LMarshal, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Mark, Thanks for the comment, Saddleback is a great place, nice pub too.

    troutrageous1, Thanks, I don't ski but I do love the Rangeley style of streamer fly.

  5. i was in hew hampshire this weekend fished the mad river.caught a bunch of small brookies nothing over 8 inches most 4 to 5 inches. used an unknown orange body streamer a cone head muddler and a chernobyl ant. the ant was almost as large as some of the fish.great time but my back is killing me from climbing across the rocks. dave in north haven

  6. Dave,

    Sounds like a nice trip.
    Its amazing what a brookie can get into its mouth. They are truly special.