Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This summer has been difficult for us who find our pleasure in fishing small streams.
The rainfall has been very limited and some of the streams have almost dried up. I have a few that I don't often fish, having several streams that are closer to home, which I fish. Over the long weekend I searched out a few and was able to find them with decent water.

This stream is an absolute joy to fish when the water is flowing a bit stronger, but under low conditions its somewhat of a different story. Finding areas where a trout will be holding is one thing, getting them to hand is another. The trout would dart out and rise to the fly and you have one shot to hook him, or walk on. Once the pool is disturbed, move to another and fish, or sit down and enjoy the views of the country.

So on a day such as this I was very grateful for what this stream gave me.


  1. As always, Great write-up and pictures. Looks like you found the "trout shack".

  2. Beautiful fish! I am heading out tomorrow and can't wait!

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  3. Great Stuff!
    See you when I get back from the Smokys.
    Thanks again for the flies.

  4. Savage, Thanks. "Trout Shack" it was.

    Ryan, Hope your outing was a good one.

    John, The excitement must be killing you.
    Your welcome. Hope they work for you.

  5. Always a highlight of my day. Thanks for sharing Brk Trt