Monday, September 6, 2010

September Stuff

With the begining of September there are so many things we love to do. One of them is the local fairs that take place. Jeanette and I attended one Saturday, The Haddam Neck Fair. Its a small fair but it has big fair stuff. Plenty of rides if your so inclined, livestock exhibits, home baked goods, and home made items such as blankets, quilts, sweaters etc.

The various organizations put on their annual fund raisers, such as chicken barbeques, and raffles. A highlight of this fair was the tractor pull, loud and exciting, with entrants from all over New England.

After a full day of the fair, I had some time to tie a featherwing streamer, and cook a nice supper.

More September Stuff coming.......

A streamer I tied, "Yellow Wing"
A sausage and chicken medley, with native tomatoes and rice.

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  1. Bkt Trt. I love the pics of food. I know you post them on smallstreams as well.

    The fair is a good way to spend the day. The food looks good too.

    Darn it, now I'm hungry! =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman