Monday, November 8, 2010


Old stone walls and colonial homes are parts of American history I enjoy. This weekend my wife and I did some walking in an area of Connecticut that had both. Its in an area that also has a trout stream that was on a list of streams to fish. We drove to the stream on Saturday, parked the car and were soon into the woods and fields along the water. We came upon a stone wall that had been there for a long time, broken down and moss covered. While standing there gazing, thoughts of why it was constructed in the first place went through my mind. Was it for property lines, for keeping in livestock, perhaps a garden, or was it for what I like to belive a line of defense during the American Revolution. Later in the day the age of the wall was revealed, by the sight of an old colonial saltbox home.So its possible the stone wall was used for all of the above.

A beautiful Connecticut saltbox house, perhaps built in the time of the American Revolution.

An old foundation,dam, or a mill, with a trout stream alongside

A woodland trout stream, that proved to be a challenge. Once the right fly was selected, a few hookups came, but the fish to hand were limited. It's an area we both enjoyed, for the history, beauty of the countryside, and the stream....... We'll be back there again.


  1. There is so much history in this country. I'm glad that I, as a menber of our blogging community, can enjoy it through you. I know I'll never get back there to see it in person, so thanks for sharing the pictures.


  2. I really love stumbling upon an old stonewall in the middle of the woods..the stories that they could tell.

  3. Shoreman, As I fish along some of these streams your findings are unlimited, old bottles, fry pans, etc.

    penbayman, Your state is a treasure of rare finds. Good stuff.

  4. Great post as always Brk. There's a certain type of history you can only find in the Mid-Atlantic states up through New England. We're some fortunate folks.

  5. Brk-

    As always...enjoyed reading about your adventures...

  6. troutrageous1, thanks. Lots of treasures in and around the waters.

    Adam, thank you. I enjoy bringing them to you.

  7. Great post & pics. There's something about those old lichen & moss speckled stone walls... almost as pretty to look at as the speckled trout...

  8. CD, thanks.
    There only stones, but every one has its own look.