Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spawning Brookies, Royal Coachman, And Pumpkin Seeds

Lots of good things taking place in the last few days. I walked a stream and was rewarded with some of natures autumn rites. I observed many pairs of spawning brookies, and even managed to photograph a couple. I also fished a Royal Coachman dry fly and had a few brookies rise to this beautiful fly. I was able to bring one or two to hand. And with Halloween, came to carving of the pumpkin and that means roasted pumpkin seeds. A great treat.

A spawning couple.

A wild brookie and a Royal Coachman

Roasted pumpkin seeds

Click on image for larger view


  1. You must be very stealthy to capture a couple of brookies via picture in that small of a stream... or a really big lens! Nice job.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. Ryan Thanks, Slow walking along the bank. I spooked several before I got that photo.

    Savage, I try to every day. Sometimes the simple things prove to be the best.

  3. What a really nice to read blog! Keep up the good work.

  4. Way to go Brk Trt. Great post and pics. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Baslowfisher, Welcome to my blog, and thank you for your comment. Please visit often.

    Passinthru Outdoors, thanks. I just checked out your NJ hunt part 2, great stuff.

  6. Very nice post as always. Great to have a little gem of a brookie stream so close. You're right, those pumpkin seeds to make for a nice treat.

  7. once again a nice post. I roasted some seeds the other day. What a treat. First time trying it and now I am hooked.

  8. Joel thanks.
    The seeds you do yourself are so much better than some of the store bought.