Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Broken Friend

In a post that I did in August about a fly rod that I believe to be the finest small stream rod ever made.
The Orvis Small Stream Special has been with me on little waters along the east, and has served me well.

Unfortunately on a previous outing I managed to break the tip. I felt bad about it and considered just retiering it to a place along the tying bench. I know about the warranty Orvis has on their rods so I brought the rod over to the Orvis Retail shop in Avon CT. That was a wonderful visit. Andy who was in the shop greeted me and my wife and asked if he could help. Explaining to him the trouble my rod was in. He took my info and proceeded to write up the repair order. The rod was placed in the tube and Andy assured me of its shipping to Orvis for repair. While in the shop we were invited to enjoy some hot apple cider, and listen to a group of women sing some wonderful songs. I believe that this is whats needed more of in this season as well as the rest of the year.

Well done Andy, and the staff at Orvis of Avon.

This is my broken friend.


  1. I hope you get your pal back in time for the late winter stone fly hatches.

  2. I had a similar experience with L.L. Bean when I broke the tip off my rod. There are a bunch of good people out there.


  3. Hate to see the rod broken, but love to see a positive experience come from its repair.

  4. Savage, I would sure appriciate that.

    Shoreman, I have never purchased a fly rod from Bean's but I have purchased many other items and they are a wonderful company to do business with...... 100% gaurantee.

    troutrageous1, I agree with you. And the positive experience at Orvis does take away some of the sting.

  5. Fly rod manufacturers stand behind their products and that's a good thing. My FAVORITE light line rod, outside of my bamboo rods, was a 3wt graphite that I won in a raffle seven years ago. It was put together by a local individual and he did a great job - the Pacific Bay blank is SOFT AND SLOW, just right for the 6x and beyond that I use on the Swift in Ma. No returning this rod if I break it. I hope that I never do!!!

  6. I've got an old bamboo Gaspe Atlantic Salmon rod that my dad bought 50 years ago or so..It's snapped clean at one of the ferrules..Gotta get that fixed as I'd love to try it..

  7. Millers River Flyfisher, That sounds like a sweet rod. I love 3wt's for small streams.

    penbayman, Have the rod repaired, display it in your home, and even if you don't fish it its still a fond memory of dad.