Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Small Stream , Yellow Palmers, And..........

I had tied this pattern,"Yellow Palmer" from Roger Lowe's book. I was dying for the opportunity to float a few, so yesterday I did just that. The air temp was in the mid forties with on and off sunshine. Taking the water temp I found it to be 42 degrees. The stream was clear with lots of leaf jams. I tied on the little Yellow Palmer and sent it drifting in one of the pools. It worked its way along for a while ever so slowly until it reached a twig of a larger branch that was submerged. As the fly hung there for a second or two the surface exploded, soon a beautiful brook trout came to hand.

The Yellow Palmer work that same way on quite a few trout that day. This is a fly that will be a delight to fish this spring and summer.

A small stream wild brook trout, and the Yellow Palmer

I encountered a hunter along the stream, he was about to take flight with his meal.

At home a hot cup of coffee and some pepper biscuits warmed me up very nicely.


  1. Does the size of the head and mouth of the first brook trout tell anything about the age of the fist? It's so amazing and out of proportion for that size fish.

  2. troutrageous1, Thanks

    If you notice the heads of hatchery raised fish you'll notice that the heads are smaller in comparison to their larger bodies, because of the diet the hatchery fish are given. The bodies get big soon and the heads are smaller.

    The wild brookie in the photo has a harder envioronment in which to access food. The larger head and the smaller thinner body reflect this. Also take a look at the large eye, a sharp predator for sure.

  3. I went out on the Internet and took a good look at the Yellow Palmer. Nice fly, I like it. Putting it in my "to tie" list. Thanks for the heads up.


  4. If I had to share a small stream with another fisher, I guess I wouldn't complain about it being a red-tailed hawk. I have watched them hunt and fish before and they are beautiful animals. Those brookies are nice too. Also glad to see the new flies worked so well.

  5. Nice looking stream and some beautiful fish.

  6. Kiwi, He was very protective of his meal, at one time he spread his wings over the kill.

    The African Fly Angler, thanks
    The little stream is a gem.

  7. Glad to see you got a few fish on a nice late fall day.

  8. Excellent post as usual. nice looking fish. I was looking for a picture of you wrestling with that hawk. Maybe next time.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Biggerfish, Savage, Passinthru Outdoors,

    Thanks guys.

  10. Very nice indeed. Your brookies look just like mine in size. However, the size to me doesn't matter as these are wild and beautiful fish. Nice work.


  11. smokinprice thanks,
    They are small in size, but they give giant rewards.