Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Chill Breaker

The Upper Androscoggin River near Eroll N.H., near the Maine Border

With the snow and cold that has the Northeast locked in, we have been tying flies, cleaning reels, lines, getting our tax info, doing odd jobs around home etc. About the only thing were not doing is enjoying our favorite trout stream.
I enjoy reading at these times, some of the stuff I have read many times, and some new stuff. The blogs have been a good source of knowledge and some humor.

While doing some research on the net I came across this story. It takes place where these photos were taken. I have fished these rivers many times and have great memories.

Take a few minutes and enjoy the story, it may even feel like your there.

The Rangeley River, in Oquossoc Maine. I can feel the tug of my streamer by one of the Landlocked Salmon that reside here.


  1. I am about 3 hours from there and they gave some good information on where to go. I may head up there this fall.
    Thanks for the article.

  2. Nice looking rivers!
    Spring is around the corner, so I hear... :)

  3. Mac,
    If you have the chance please do fish there. You'll love it.

    I hope your right.

  4. Great stuff..too bad the postings haven't continued.