Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yellow and Orange

With Connecticut being on the snowstorm high priority list its been very hard to try to fish a stream, or for that matter locate one thats open.
So I stayed at the vise today and tied up a few Yellow/ Orange Palmers. This pattern proved to be very effective at the end of last season, and I'm hopeful that success will continue this spring.

Yellow Palmers and Orange Palmers

And in keeping with the same colors I made some Polenta, which is cooked cornmeal, its spread out onto a plate and allowed to cool. Its then topped with a beautiful meat sauce, grated cheese, and enjoyed.... Yellow and Orange


  1. Great looking flies! Would you mind sharing the recipe/tying instructions?

  2. Interesting connection. I find connections between all sorts of things myself... off to post a blog about that.

  3. Chris Cavs thanks,
    Its a pretty easy fly to tie,
    Hook, Mustad 94840, 14
    Tail, on the yellow palmer brown hackle fibers,
    on the orange palmer orange hackle fibers
    Body, Yellow, yellow dubbing, Orange, orange dubbing.
    Hackle, on both colors, grizzly and brown.
    Thread, Orange on the Orange, Black on the Yellow

    Tie in tail, then bothe hackles at the rear.
    Dub about a 3/4ths of an inch of dubbing and wind towards head of fly. Wrap hackle, each one seperately to head of fly, approx. 3 turns and tie off.

  4. troutrageous1, Definately so. They are good fished dry or pulled under and worked as a wet.

    Jay, Flyfishing and food. A good connection.

    African Fly Angler, penbayman Thanks guys.

  5. Polenta with meat sauce and cheese, yum.... OK, the flies are nice too. LOL


  6. Yes it's looking like it's gonna be a while before we fish any small streams around these parts. Love the picture at top of your blog - memories of spring and summer, of course we tend forget about the black flies !

  7. Shoreman,
    Pull up a chair and have yourself some.

    Its snowing as I write this comment.
    The stream in the header pic, flows near a house of a ledgendary fly tyer of the Rangeley area of Maine. That photo was taken in Autumn. Its the only time you can fish those waters without blackflies. By the way those Trudes are well done.

    You can see some of Mark's work on his blog....


  8. OK, that's great. Now I'm jealous of your flies AND hungry. Thanks a lot, man! ;)


  9. owl,
    Thanks, its making me hungry too.....
    Breakfast, and how about some clam hash.

  10. Nice ties B.T.
    Those Smoky Mountain flies work great up here.
    Tying a bunch myself.

  11. AT,
    The more I look at Roger Lowe's book the more I become fascinated with the patterns. Simple as far as materials go, but ever so fishy.
    We have good weather AT to stock up the fly boxes.

  12. BT,
    I'm tying some "Charlie Whoppers" from the Lowe book this week.
    That looks like a good one for up here. Give it a shot.
    Headed out to a small stream tomorrow.
    Must fish! :)

  13. AT,
    I looked at that pattern, similar to a caddis.
    The wild ones will lkie it.
    I'll be waiting for that stream report.