Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"South Bog"

"South Bog" is a streamer fly I created, and named for what I believe is the most beautiful wild brook trout stream in New England. Its located in Maine's western mountains tucked into the spruce and maple woods. Its inhabitants will not break any records, with a trophy of ten inches being a great catch. I have fished this wild gem for many years, fishing it in the Autumn, trying to see if one of those lake giants would strike my Mickey Finn streamer. This area of Maine has many more productive waters to fish, but none as beautiful as South Bog.

Autumn in the Maine woods, alongside South Bog.

This gentleman from Glastonbury, CT. a Trinity College Professor loved this area so much that he wrote a poem that is posted at an entrance to South Bog. He died in the winter of 2007, falling through the ice on Rangeley Lake while cross country skiing.


  1. A beautiful fly for a beautiful place. Nice job! With the experience one could take from such a place I think even 4 & 5 incher's would be trophies.

  2. Definately a beautiful place.


  3. Stunning fly and a beautiful stream. Hopefully one day I can also add Brook trout to my specie list.

  4. Kiwi, Mark, The African Fly Angler, Pat Cohen, Bigerrfish,....... Thank you for your compliments. I know if you were to see this wild treasure in those fir and maple wilds of Maine you would fall in love with it also.

  5. Alan, you are so right on this stream being special. Maine is littered with streams like this. Great looking fly by the way.

  6. Those wild brook trout are simply wonderful. I wish we had them in the U.K.

    I think our charr would be our best looking fish, in my humble view.

  7. BRK TRT,
    your photos look like a classic Maine brook holding those great gems. It actually looks like a brook that I use to visit in Corina Maine when I was a kid. Its been 40 yrs since then, but I bet it still looks the same.

    FYI, I got a hold of some Ausable bombers that I can't wait to try. We'll have to wait for the new snow to melt in the berkshires 1st.


  8. Todd,
    Yes, Maine is blessed. Thanks for the compliment on the streamer.

    Thanks, I agree on the beauty of the brookie, who I believe is a charr. Those wild brown trout that inhabit your small streams, are truly handsome fish.

    Ausable Bombers, the Berkshires, when are we going?

    I fish a little stream in Western Mass, not up into the Berkshires, but close. Full of brookies that have a preferance for Bombers.

    I anxious for spring, 22 inches of snow today.