Friday, January 14, 2011

A "Friend" Returns Home

My broken Orvis, 12/4/10

Last evening while sitting at the tying desk the doorbell rang. Getting up to answer the door, Jeanette yelled upstairs, I'll get it. After a few minutes she said you have a package, I think its your rod back from Orvis.

I took the long package and opened it. I soon saw the familiar black aluminum rod tube, took the top off and removed the sock from the tube, gently removing the rod. I was truly amazed at the way Orvis had restored my friend, to the way I had purchased it so many years ago. The tip was repaired, they replaced the cork handle, and the reel seat. All this in about a months time, and they paid the shipping both ways. They have my endorsement as a fine company who will back what they sell.

It feels good to have my friend back home, ready for another outing.

"My Friend"

A restored Orvis Superfine Small Stream Special


  1. WOW! they replaced the grip for you? I hope you get many more years of action out of it.

  2. Funny how we get so attached to a rod! Looks like they did a bang up job for you, but you've got to dirty up that grip a little!

  3. Savage,
    Thanks, I was really surprised about the grip, never expected it.

    Midge Man,
    I guess we flyfishers are like that. A certain fly rod, fly box, vest, have special meaning's.

  4. Brk Trt,

    That old friend of a fly rod of yours looks like a real sweet heart, it looks brand new. Way to go!! I'm just curious, what weight & length is that beauty?

    I too have had positive experiances with Orvis....DRYFLYGUY

  5. Brt Trt,
    I wanted to pass this link onto your blog following

    Its helped me find the brook/creek that I never knew that was there. Anyway, I myself find it usefull & I hope others do the same?



    Its a 7ft, 5wt.
    I fish small streams 90% of the time and this rod has been on most of those outings. It rollcasts like a dream.

  7. I love that rod... I had one, and somehow managed to lose it on a backcountry hike on the fringes of Yellowstone. I hope whoever found it loves it like I did. Glad you two were reunited.


  8. upahreek333, thanks
    To bad about your loss, it was a good brook trout rod.

    That is a great link. And I see they have updated it too. Thanks

  9. They did a great job with that rod. What's not to like about service like that?

  10. I think the Superfine series is the best they ever made. I have a 7'9" 5wt.

  11. troutrageous1, They are a good company, and stand behind there products.

    CD, I have the same rod you speak of 7'9", I believe its called there Far and Fine.
    I used this rod on steelhead a few years ago on the Salmon River NY