Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winters Thaw

As we are about to set a few records in snowfall totals, and have been freezing our tails off, with the weekend freeze about to go lower, I for one could use a break.
The shows are going, we all probably have been filling our fly box voids, and wishing for a little thaw so we could drop a fly and have it drift without collecting sno-cone material.
So while looking back over last year I found some warmth in some of my photos. Bask for awhile in the warmth of these.


  1. I love the pic of the bluegill. Thanks for the warm photos and get ready for this weekend's deep freeze.

  2. Nice photos. I wouldn't mind a bit of cold in my part of the world right now. It is unbelievably hot in Cape Town at the moment.

  3. A shaded pool.
    A Streamer Fly With A Lovely Red hue..
    A Burger and a Brew...
    And a Brook Trout Too....

    OH YEAH!!!!

  4. troutrageous1, Thanks, I'm heading south this weekend. Somerset NJ

    Savage, A nice warm summer afternoon, a 3wt, and a couple of bugs, and bluegills, yes sir.

    The African Fly Angler, thanks, perhaps we could exchange a few days with each other.....

  5. penbayman,
    My good man, those are fine words