Monday, January 17, 2011

"Ausable Darter"

Taking some of the materials used in the Ausable Bomber, and Ausable Wulff, which are highly successful flies. I created a streamer which I believe will work as a small baitfish, as well as an imitation of a hopper or stonefly.

I have a few more ideas on this fly and will tie a few variants to see how they look. This is a dubbed body streamer.

"Ausable Darter"

Thread, Hot Orange
Hook, Mustad 3665A #10
Rib, Flat Gold Tinsel
Body, Dubbed Orange Australian Opposum
Wing, Woodchuck Gaurd Hair
Hackle, Grizzly and Brown


  1. That fly looks really good. I am starting to get a list of materials together for the winter tying bug. Does the Woodchuck hair float like deer hair? and do you like it?

  2. Woodchuck does float, but not like deer hair.

    I love woodchuck hair because of its barred effect, it seems to blend well with its surroundings. It has worked in tailing of flies and I use it a a wing material on some caddis patterns.

    If you can get a copy of Fran Betters book named,

    Fly Fishing and Pattern Guide, pick it up its one of the best books on fly tying and materials.
    Fran was a big fan of using hair in his patterns.

  3. That is one cool looking fly! This is just another one of those patterns that you have posted that I can't wait to try this spring. Please post the results of your first few outings with this fly, I would be very interested to know how you do.

  4. Pretty sure Fran would have liked that one. Nice job Alan!

  5. Kiwi,
    The design is similar to a Stimulator, but on a diferent hook. But those ADK material's combo is a deadly mix.

    Darren thanks,

    Fran was a man who could put materials together that would catch fish. He has a nice chapter on Bucktails in one of his books