Saturday, February 19, 2011

River Ramblings

We had some moderating temps the last few days here in the northeast, so I decieded to spend a few hours fishing The Farmington River. This is a fine tailwater fishery with lots of wild browns. My plan was to fish nymphs, and give the "Poudre Canyon Special" a test.
Finding a place to park was a chore because of the heavy snow pack. Once I managed to find one, the trek to reach the river was a bit rough. The snow pack was deep, at least thigh high. After reaching the waters edge there was some shelf ice to deal with, but once in the water it was not to bad.

The water was cold, I did not take a temp, but I believe it was in the mid 30's. The water was cloudy from some snow melt. There were a few small stone flies about, and a caddis or two. I started fishing a 18 BHPT and pretty much stayed with it, changing only to the P C Special. The streamer worked well in the water and I believe it will take a few fish come more hospitable times.

The Farmington River

At Work

The "Poudre Canyon Special"


  1. It's nice to hear you got out for a bit. And that wet PC looks like a winner come spring. I long for the day. The river calls to me so distantly.

  2. As a fellow wild trout enthusiast, you should check out

    Lots of new info about NC.

  3. Hopefully will see some open water in some of the streams around here soon..not even thinking of it on the lakes yet, still a long way to go for those ..

  4. browntrout, Thanks, I agree that PCS will take a few hits come spring.

    Webmaster, I've seen that site before, and its has some good info. Thanks

    penbayman, unfortunately your right. But with each day that passes its one more step over the stone of winter.

  5. Great blog and photos. Cheers!