Monday, February 21, 2011

Springtime 2010, Revisited

This is a small wild brook trout stream in Connecticut. It's a freestone typical of New England. It holds a good population of wild brookies who seem to never dissapoint me. While they are not fussy about what they will dine on, so fly patterns don't matter much, they can be very wary of whats going on streamside and will scatter if something's not right. Once the alarm bell is sounded, forget that piece of water for a spell and move on.

I fish dry flies most of the time on these dainty little waters, the Ausable Bomber being the number 1 fly. I protect these wild streams like my bank account, and treat them with respect.

This guy might have been selective that day, a reversed tied emerger is what he wanted

A beautiful wild woodland stream. Springtime in Connecticut

"Take a Break", lunchtime


  1. Interesting story Alan.

    I see you use a chest pack, are you able to carry some water, and a lunch in it? I'm always caught between a ruck sack, and a waistcoat on full river days?

  2. That is mighty fine brook trout habitat. And I appreciate you keeping a tight lip on it It truly is more valuable than a bank account!

  3. BRT TRT,
    as its snowing here this morning in the Berkshires, those springtime photo's really look inviting. We've got a few of those free stone brooks/creeks with wild brookies peppered through out the Berkshire mountains as well. I've haven't tried them yet with those Ausable Bombers that I just got a hold of. But it will be exciting to see the out come.

    Springtime is just around the corner.....DRYFLYGUY

  4. Thanks for the very enjoyable posting. I am going to tie some Bombers and use them as soon as my streams here in Mass are fishable again.

  5. Very nice water. I love streams like this. I too protect these little gems. I never leave anything there and I never tell anyone where they are.

  6. Flyfishermanrichard, I love the chest pack, although I carry it accross my shoulder. It will hold several fly boxes, tna the other necessities, tippet spools, a small multi tool, etc. It will hold a bottle of water, and a sandwich.

    browntrout, Thanks, theses streams are worth the secreacy, and the effort to keep it that way.

    DRYFLYGUY, mom nature dropped a few inches of white stuff here this morning. I have a nice little stream in the Berkshires too. I fished it, but it can be further explored.
    Fis those Bombers

  7. CushmanBrookie, I hope things will be OK, come the middle of March, then you can put those Bombers to work.

    smokenprice, That old saying, Leave No Trace

  8. I was checking out the photo of your gear and wondering what rod you used. But I found one of your links that describes it. I use a 6'6" LL Bean 3 wt in tight quarters around here. I remember that I thought about going with the 5 wt but can't remember why I bought the 3...such is life...

  9. penbayman, I also use a Sage Fli 7ft 3wt, a little St. Croix Avid, 6ft 3wt, and an Orvis Superfine 6ft 4wt.
    But I love my Superfine 7ft 5wt.
    That LL Bean 6'6" 3wt, what model name is it?

  10. Brk's a Quest II..I got it a couple springs ago when I first started to fly fish after I did some research and with the thought of upgrading but I really like the rod in the small brooks and streams that I frequent. I looked into some Orvis rods but wanted to get a hands on feel and since Bean is only an hour and a half away...

  11. Brk Trt, they are beautiful pictures. But you will have tp stop posting them. After another 5" of snow last night, I'm starting to go a little stir crazy. Seeing those picutres reminds me that I'm still waiting for winter to break. I have only been able to fish once this winter and that was because there was a hole in the ice about 10' out in front of me.

  12. Kiwi,
    Thanks. I know what you mean about the snow. It seems as if winter is holding on very tight.

  13. Very nice pics! sandwich looks good

  14. george, thanks,
    That was a egg and bacon bagel sandwich. Good stuff