Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some Thoughts/ February's Leaving

Some snowy feathers, as the snow begins it's retreat from my deck.

As February winds down and March knocks on the door with a wonderful day approaching, the first day of Spring I thought I'd post a few photos of February closing.

A stream I often fish, locked in snow and ice its wild residents hunkered down dodgeing slushy ice flows, looking foward to skunk cabbage sprouts along its banks, and perhaps a mayfly nymph moving towards the surface.

A bowl of firey hot homemade chili, with warm cornbread.

Moxie, a drink I've enjoyed since I was a kid. I don't think many of you have tried it, but if given the chance, please do. It's a fine beverage to neutralize the heat of the chili

Grilled cheese, thats comfort

And a streamer I designed to comemorate the World Baseball Classic, team USA, 2009. Looking at it and knowing that playball will be heard soon is enough to warm this New Englander.


  1. Those streamers should be locked up... they look like real killers!

  2. Brk Trt,
    Some beautiful flies and food there. That chili and grilled cheese makes my mouth water! Spring is nipping at winters neck. Longer days and rising temperatures, it's all good. And like the skunk cabbage that yearns to sprout along your favorite stream's bank, our soul's begins to awake from hibernation...

  3. Brk Trt, Moxie? My father still drinks that! It acutally isn't to bad, though like Dr. Pepper, it requires a curtain taste.

    Great looking Food and streamers? I don't know which looks more delicious, the food or the flies.

    Nice stream as well. "It looks like a beauty"

  4. One grilled cheese to go, please! You really need to stop posting these type of I'm trying to be good!

  5. John, Thanks. Those colors should wor well at ice out.

    browntrout, Thanks.
    Those longer days, coupled with some strong sunshine, will get a few things sprouting.

  6. DRYFLYGUY, Thanks
    Moxie is a great tonic, it also doubles as a weed killer.

    RD, thanks, go ahead have some comfort. You deserve it

  7. Holy crap... chili, grilled cheese... I'm moving in. Great post.


  8. See how Chris is...cutting ahead in the line! Lol.

  9. Moxie must be a regional thing. I'm always on the lookout for unusual beverages, but that's not one I've seen in my part of the country.
    Good streamers, good food, and a good beverage... the only thing you need now is those pleasant spring temps to roll in.

  10. Chris, Thanks

    RD. Lets let him slide this time.

    Jay, Moxie is sold in New England, with Maine being tops.

  11. Moxie and grilled cheese...almost as good as what I was raised on... Pop Tarts and Tab!
    Does that count for anything???

  12. browntrout, Tab, now thats a drink from the past.

  13. penbayman,
    I believe that Maine is number 1 in Moxie sales.
    I love the drink.