Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Platte River Special"

The "Platte River Special"...... Tied Rangeley Style.

After tying and posting the Poudre Canyon Special, my friend Midgeman made mention of a western streamer called the Platte River Special. I did some research on the net and couldn't find much on it. Midgeman promptly sent me two photos of the streamer, one very good looking fly and the other well not so good looking. The colors used in the fly seem to represent brown trout fry, and parr. So taking these colors I set out to tie the streamer in the Rangeley Style.

The "Platte River Special", tied Rangeley Style. This one using the same colors only its tied with out the shoulder.

The two streamers side by side for comparison.


  1. Beautiful work Brk Trt! I think anyone whose ever fished the original pattern would agree that your Rangeley style would fish and fish well!

  2. They are envious of those with tyin' talents!!! Great job.

  3. Bigerrfish, Thanks.

    Midge Man, Thanks, I'll give these a workout next time I fish larger water.

    RD, Thanks. The recognition is humbling.

    Pat, Thanks. Its appriciated.

  4. Very nice. I like the one with the shoulder, I think that really adds a lot.
    What hooks do you tie these streamers on? What size and length? I'm particularly curious about length.

  5. Jay, Thanks
    These streamers are tied on a hand made hook, Gaelic Supreme, Martinek Rangeley Streamer.
    They are close to the hooks made by Allcock, in the 1930's on which most of the classic Rangeley Streamers were tied on.
    The fly pictured is tied on a #4 6xLong. The hook is about 2 and a half inches long from just in back of eye to the bend of hook.The total fly length is about three and a quarter inches.

  6. I knew those looked like they were longer than 4x. I need some 6x long hooks for a project (size 8), but I don't need anything too special. Thanks for the info.

  7. Jay,
    The smallest size hook I have in this style is a#6, 6x long. I'd be happy to send you a few.

  8. Beautiful ties Brk Trt. I've been tying for years and though good, would never stand up to the quality of yours. You are a true artist.

  9. browntrout.
    Thanks, your compliment is appriciated

  10. Thank you so much for the offer. You don't have to send me any. I'll probably just order some online here soon, where do you get yours?

  11. Jay,
    You can get them here.