Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Bugs, Beetles, May be All You Need"

On most small streams the knowledge of aquatic insects and at what time are the hatches going to happen is not a necessity. These streams may have a small caddis hatch, a sulphur or stonefly hatch, but generally these streams are not water based insect factories.
The wild trout that live in these streams will feed on anything that looks to be edible and then sometimes even if its not. They rely heavily on land based insects to provide food. These include ants, moths, bees, and many types of beetles.
I have observed brook trout jumping to a leaf hanging near the water to eat a beetle from that leaf.

This is a good place to fish a land based insect

These are a few bugs, and beetles I fish often during late spring, summer and early fall. They are very simple patterns and they look very appetizing to a wild trout.

The "Golden Beetle"
I have high hopes for this one.

The next time you find yourself looking at the stream in this way, observe the trout rising to the bugs. Or walk upstream a bit and shake the ferns and see what falls into the water.

And if you fortunate enough to be quiet and drift that bug just right, one of these precious wild jewels will come to hand.

And after a wonderful day spent on a small stream, reward yourself with some Eggplant Parm.

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  1. Brk Trt,

    Nice topic and insight.

    Great looking Eggplant Parm!!! "Its my favorite"

  2. A good looking assortment, when's dinner?


    Thanks. If I'm home dinner is ready.

  4. Nice simple patterns very well tied and buggy. Looks like a swarm of bugs on the wood when looking quickly.

  5. Once again Alan you give this amateur some great advice.
    I appreciate it very much and thanks. LL Bean is having a Spring Fishing Weekend from March 18th -20 at their Burlington MA store if you are in the area. You can get more info at

  6. Jeff,
    Thanks. We as fly fishermen tend to try to complicate everything a little to much.

    Thanks, I hope your taking notes, there will be a test come April.


  7. I don't test well............

  8. Some great patterns you have there. They look like killers! Might have to tie some up myself. When I fish for the brookies, regardless of when it is, I almost always use just a humpy in various colors. I always plan to use ants and bettles but figure why screw with what works.

  9. Great looking flies. I wish I could get to to wild creeks more often.

  10. smokinprice
    Thanks. The Humpy is a great choice, I love it in yellow.

    Thanks. Those small waters are a staple for me.

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  12. Nice flies my friend.
    We will have to stream test them "Up North" this year.
    Spring, coming soon to a wild trout stream near you. :)

  13. John,
    Thanks. I'm looking forward to the time when it becomes a reality.

  14. I think you need to publish a combination food and fly tying recipe book Brk Trt. You also could recommend an appropriate red to go with a Bucktail and a egg plant parm. or perhaps a white to go with a caddis and a plate of alfredo pasta?

  15. penbayman,
    That's a nice idea, and I have thought of it several times.
    Would you purchase a copy?

  16. Definitely..but I'd need a signed copy

  17. penbayman,
    Signed copies, not a problem