Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Little Bit Of This And A Little..............

"Royal Coachman" Streamers

This is a post about a little bit of this and that. The first up is a few Royal Coachman streamers. These are a good attractor pattern used in the spring.

This is a small stream the day after some very heavy rains  yesterday. It has come down, and cleared somewhat, but you can see the high water mark clearly.

Meatballs and Rigatoni, they speak for themselves

This is a fine book written by Christopher Camuto. It's of fishing the streams of Virginia, Camuto also writes a column in Trout magazine.

A beautiful March wild brown. Not taken on a March Brown, but a Picket Pin.


  1. Very nice coachmen streamers. Interesting that they have such a pronounced red section and pretty little brown ! So I take it you fished a bit while you were out? Nice to see the water levels have come down a bit on the smaller streams, hopefull thursday doesn't bring too much rain

  2. A well rounded post if I ever read one. Your posts always make me hungry like one of those little browns & brookies you target.

  3. what hook is that? I have some 9x long mustads would that be too long you think?

  4. Mark,
    Thanks. The fish were not where they were supposed to be. The high flows moved them big time. It's going to be some time before the quality fishing returns.

    Thanks. They are sweet little gems.

  5. Dustin's Fly Box,
    Those are tied on Martinek Rangeley Streamer hooks. Size 4 6xL As far as the Mustads, tie one up and see what happens.


  6. I see you still have a little of the white stuff on the ground. The last of ours here on L.I. will probably be gone Thursday with the coming rain. I'm glad to see someone is catching fish though.

  7. Kiwi,
    I went up to Massachusetts today to purchase my license. While up there I checked a few small streams I fish, Oh man, heavy flows and a snow pack that will take a while to melt.

  8. Did you have to remind me my adventure in the pursuit of trout is going to be delayed?

  9. Excellent post. Dinner looks good as do all the pics!

  10. Ed,
    Sorry buddy, but there's some serious snow up there.


  11. Serious snow PLUS! up here in the Pine Tree State..At least last weekends warmer temps and rain opened up the brooks and streams so I can actually see the water..But I do think it will be a normal opening of the season this year, well that is I hope.

  12. penbayman,
    When is the Maine opening?

  13. Curious what size is that Picket Pin in the brown's mouth?

  14. Mark,
    I tie them 12 and 14, so it can be either one.

  15. Brk Trt..The season officially opens April 1. Hard to say if we will be able to get anywhere near the stream beds with all the over flowage from snow melt. Last year we had such a nice March that the governor signed a special order to allow the season to open the last week of the month. Chances are that's won't happen this year!