Thursday, March 31, 2011

March... In Closing

My first outing in March, found the small stream running high, cold and off color.
The air temps may have been tolorable, but the water temps were not. There was a considerable snow cover lining the banks, and access was tough. As the month moved on there were a few days with air temps in the fifties and sixties, this brought out some midge and stoneflies. I was fortunate to take my first brookie on a dry fly on one of those warmer days.

As March is about to leave, I found myself fishing a small stream in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, the next to last day. The sun was bright and the air a warm fifty degrees. I fished for three hours or so, with a bump or two with a BHPT nymph, and one brookie hookup, who never made it to hand.

And although a month had passed since my first snow lined stream outing, my last outing also found me fishing a snow lined stream.

My first dry fly trout of this year. A beautiful wild brookie.

In a previous post I had said that a brown was hooked here. I asked where you thought the trout took the fly. All of your answere were good, and at certain times of the year I have taken browns in the locations you stated. The bottom center of the photo, right in front of the submerged black rock in that slick spot between the broken water, is where the trout was hooked.

This is the last stream I'll fish this month of March. A beautiful Massachusetts wild trout stream, and look thirty days later it's still snow lined.

And with the start of April many states have their inland fishing season openers.
To all who will take part, I say good luck, and tight lines.

And today also marks the opening of Major League Baseball. I'm excited. My Red Sox will open tomorrow............... Play Ball.


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  2. I was hoping to get out tomorrow or the next day but with the forecast of anywhere between 6 & 15 inches of snow and then rain it's looking very doubtful..oh yeah...GO SOX!

  3. Hi Alan,

    I live in Lanesborough along Mt. Greylock state forest. I really enjoy your pictures and stories about small stream fishing.

    Go Sox!!!

  4. I may live in California, but I think the majority of the ball games I watched last year were Red Sox games. I like the team.


  5. penbayman,
    I heard that forecast. Maybe another week.

    Thanks, Do you fish any small streams in your area? You don't have to name them, just want to know if you do.

    That's what i like to hear. Red Sox Nation, California.

  6. Great time of the year (despite the snow falling now).
    Red Sox opening day is tomorrow and fishing, golfing and summer is around the corner.

  7. I do fish quite a few small streams throughout Mt. Greylock state forest and a few hidden beaver ponds with some nice native brookies in them. If you would like to hook up sometime in late April early May I can show you a few. There are plenty of fish to be had by all.

  8. Alan,

    Beautiful fish, beautiful stream! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Nice fish BT. Last weekend i made it out for a couple hours. First cast hooked up with a 16 BH nymph. This was it, not another bump. Should have worked more water, but really happy to get out and get something. I was skunked a couple times this winter on the Swift.

  10. Ed,
    A fine time for sure, Go Sox

    I may take you up on that offer.

  11. Tyler,

    That's generally how early spring fishing can be.
    At least you were rewarded, and you were able to enjoy the outing