Sunday, March 27, 2011

A New York Vise

A Royal Sakasa Kebari, and Ausable Sakasa Kebari

About a week or so ago Chris, at "The North River" blog and I got a fly swap going, and exchanged a few flies. I have been reading "The North River" for some time and have always enjoyed Chris's wonderful Tenkara flies. He is a fine fly tyer who has put some of the well known traditional flies into the Tenkara style.

I fish the Ausable Bomber, and the Royal Coachman dry flies, in fact they are probably my go to flies 90 percent of the time. And when I saw how Chris converted these two into the Tenkara style, I knew they would be effective. And they were.
The first time on the water they brought a lot of activity, and a few gems to hand. As the waters warm a bit these flies will be taking their share of wild trout.

The Royal Sakasa Kebari

A very clear wild trout stream

On this day I fished the fly downstream and allowed it to hang a bit after the drift. A twitch of the rod, and the trout hit.

Beauty, Simple, but Elegant


  1. That is a very interesting blend of styles. The flies we all know and low meets the far east. I like it. Looks like the fish do as well. Great camera work. Thanks for sharing the experience.

  2. An interesting pattern that will definitely require closer scrutiny. Great "action" shot!

  3. teachrtec,
    Thanks. The fish responded favorably, considering the cold waters.

    Thanks. Once in a while the camera will catch one.

  4. AMAZING pictures!! I really like tying that style of fly

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  6. Those flies are on the "have to try" list. Really cool patterns.

  7. Alan, Thanks for the post. I'm happy to see that you had a good day out on the stream with them. I look forward to hearing how you do with them as the season goes on.

  8. Todd,
    Thanks. They are Kiwi's patterns. You can see more of them at his blog.

    Like I said when I first saw those patterns, killers for sure.

  9. Thnx for the tip on Kiwi..always happy to find another quality fishing blog..I will be following.

  10. Way to hook into a nice fish! Enjoyed the pics.

  11. penbayman
    Thanks, for checking his blog.

    River Damsel,

  12. The Royal Sakasa Kebari. Is that called a tiger trout?

  13. John McArdie,
    I'm not sure what you mean.
    A Royal Sakasa Kebari, is a fly.
    A Tiger Trout is a cross between a brook and a brown trout.