Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day, 2011

I had been watching the weather forecast's for the last few days, and today's forecast was for warm and sunny, no wind. This is what I was waiting for, a day to actually enjoy. The stream was running bright and ever so clear. I dropped the thermometer in and it said a cold 44 degrees. I thought this called for a nymph to be bouncing on the bottom. NOT, I tied on a dry and let it rip. The fly floated many many drifts through the riffles before it was noticed. A silvery fish came up to intercept the fly, but missed it. Thinking the trout was a brown. I again drifted the fly to either side of a swift current, pulling the fly up as it was pulled under. After a number of drifts the trout came up again, this time there was a hookup. Soon a beautiful wild brookie lay in my hand. In the 4 hours or so that I was fishing this little stream I managed to hook quite a few trout on the dry fly, even a few to hand. I probably could have done better fishing the nymph, but I'll take the few on the surface any time.

A cold 44 degrees

The clarity of this stream is awesome. They can see you.........

The first wild one to come to hand, on a dry fly.

This was the fly of the day. An "Incorporator"

This guy looks to have fared well over the winter

And to finish this fine day, Corned Beef and Cabbage


  1. That water looks like gin. You must have been happy with the results while outside on a beautiful New England day.

    I am not sure that there are any rivers around me that are like that. I know that there are some in NH.

    I can't wait to get out there and catch a trout on a fly.

    By the way, I had the same dinner and it was excellent.'

  2. good stuff again... I was out today as well, but the streams where still running high around here. It was no where near as productive a day as you had.

    Great post and nice dinner!

  3. Wow, that was beautifully clear water. Looks like you finished off the day with another good meal.

  4. Nice Job! I wish i did not have my brother's birthday today, because i really wanted to go fishing.

  5. Very Nice rpeort BrkTrt. Anytime you can take trout in March is a god day. We are humbled by your fishing AND cooking skills!

  6. Ed,
    Just to be along a stream like that was a pleasure.
    To bring a trout to the surface, a special reward.

    If you still have snow melting, your streams will be off color. Give it a few more days.

  7. troutrageous1
    That is one of a few tribs to a somewhat larger stream. Its water clarity is beautiful thing.

    Today should be great weather wise, maybe?

  8. There aren't too many other ways to have a great St Patty's Day like that one. Nice job!

  9. Lots of streams around here like that that need exploring although we have a couple feet of snow still. Nice pics and lunch.

    Love the new banner image at the top too!

  10. Gotta love the brookies. Nice photos

  11. Kiwi, Jeff, smokinprice,
    I just saw the weekend forecast, goodbye early spring.

  12. Nice photos, beatiful stream. I wish I had one like this near to me :)
    Check out: Fishing in Poland

  13. Brk Trt, what a great looking stream and a beauty of a brookie as well, with a touch of Irish tradition at days end. Actually I had the same meal of Cornbeef with all the trimings myself.

    The Incorporator fly pattern? I never heard of what looks like another great pattern. From your photo it kind'a looks like a cross between a Trude & a sofa pillow.

    Anyway, another great posting.....DRYFLYGUY

    The Incorporator is of my doing. I used many different materials, coming from already proven patterns, A
    and then incorporating them into one fly.

    I did a post on them in the April 2010 blog.

  15. I went to LL Bean today to pick up some new flies and lures..the streams we crossed are still quite high but there is a lot less snow in the woods so they should be just right by April 1st, like the one in your photos! And.. there is some open water around the shorelines of a number of lakes that we went by. So that's looking good too. Speaking of looking good..the CB&C looks awesome..hope you had some leftovers to make a hash.

  16. penbayman,
    You a very fortunate to have some of the finest wild brook trout streams in the country. I've fished a few.
    By the way the hash was great.