Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Small Stream 3/13

On this Sunday I had several firsts happen to me. Number 1, this was the first time I have fished this stream since last September. At that time it was dried up, only dry dark stones laying in the sun. As I walked along the stream this day its waters were flowing swift and clear.

Number 2, I had the opportunity to fish my friend, a repaired Orvis Superfine.

Number 3, while walking along the stream I noticed several skunk cabbage popping up through the ground. A sure sign of Spring.

And last, but most important. I was able to hook two wild trout in a run that was only stones 6 months ago. While these fish never came to hand, the feeling of them trying to gain their freedom was special. I was thankful for their return.

This is the run where I had the enjoyment of two wild gems. The waters were crisp and vibrant.

Orvis Superfine.... The fly also has a special meaning to me. I'll explain in another post.

A sure sign of better days ahead.


  1. Is that snow on the ground in one pic? better days are right around the corner, and after this winter we deserve it.

  2. Savage,
    There was some snow around, but dwindling rapidly.

  3. Congratulations on the first tight lines of the year. I am hoping for the same sometime soon.

  4. I'm very excited to see you were fishing Sunday, because I'm headed out this afternoon and my number one concern is that the small streams are still high and cloudy.

  5. Ed,
    Yes it felt good. More so because of the streams recovery.

    Should be OK weather for you. We will be waiting your report.

  6. If the creek was stones 6 months ago, where did the fish come from? I have a lot of creeks around here that go dry in the summer and I only assume (I hate that word) they are fishless.


  7. The stream is a trib to another small stream. That stream held water although not a lot. I believe the trout migrated downstream until they found enough water to sustain them. With the rains of autumn and the snow melt they have moved back up into the small trib.

  8. Nice post BrkTrt, the last photo being selfishly my favorite. We are about a week behind you up here. In the meantime I will continue to do what I do in waiting...tie flies while I wait for the sun to do it's magic.

  9. The river is the same size as the one at my back door. So intimate, wild, and rare?

    Love the front cover pic.

  10. browntrout
    Thanks, I kind of like that one to.Keep the faith, Spring will visit you soon.

    That pic is of a small wild stream in Maine. A brookie stronghold.

  11. Glad you got out and enjoyed a "spring" like day! That is an interesting plant...never have seen one like that.

  12. RD,
    It's a plant that grows along streams and in swampy areas here in the Northeast. It's a early sign of Spring, as is the Robin. Soon Fiddleheads.