Sunday, March 13, 2011

Streamer Reflections


Streamers were designed primarily to represent different types of forage fish. These forage fish are what large game fish prey on. There is a lot of reference to them as big flies=big fish. In Maine where a great number of streamers originated, being designed for the taking of landlocked salmon and brook trout. These fish preyed on the smelt that inhabited the large lakes, and many of the patterns were tied to represent the smelt.

One of these patterns was "Shangs Special", a fly designed by Carrie Stevens and named for her close friend Charles,"Shang" Wheeler. Wheeler was a Connecticut Yankee from Stratford. He spent many summers fishing Upper Dam, Maine.

Another type of streamer is an attractor pattern. This type of fly uses colors, and flash to draw a strike from a game fish. While the fly is tied in the same fashion as the streamer that represents a forage fish, its bright colors show almost no resemblance of a natural fish.
Both types can be very effective.

"Magical Mystery"
This is a streamer I designed to be an attractor fly. Bright colors and and flash.


  1. There is something about streamers that fascinate and attract me to them. Perhaps it's because I can still vividly see in my mind's eye the old leather fly wallet that my Dad had, absolutely packed with streamers. And the endless variations of colors...truly an art form. BTW..I love the Shangs..great fly (not that they all aren't)

  2. Some great looking ties Brk Trt. I'm going to try the Shangs Special for toothy critters this spring.

  3. penbayman,
    Leather fly wallets and streamers, New England at its finest. While in Maine I've stopped at antique shops and have seen several beautiful ol wallets and streamers. They would look great in a shadow box.

    Thanks. I have tied a streamer that is a dead ringer for a small perch. I think it would be a good walleye fly. I'll post it at a later date.

  4. Love the "Magical Mystery" and it is as colorful as The Beatles wardrobe in the similarly titled movie and album.

  5. The 3 Shang series flies are some of my favorites. Nice tie on the Special. Awesome colors on the "Magical Mystery"!

  6. Beautiful tye BRK TRT ! As always and inspiration ! I love your blog page and the work you have done on it as well. Looking forward to see more of your great stories.. Great way to begin or end the day!

  7. Great looking flies! I really want to tie some of these streamers. They seem to fish well for you, and they are good conversation starters.

  8. Ed,
    Thanks. The Beatles, remember them well.

    Thanks. I to like the Favorite. The man was quite a character. And very much an influence on Carrie's streamers.

  9. Allen L.
    Thanks for the compliments on the streamers and blog.

    Thanks. Streamers are very effective. These flies are also wonderful to just look at, and very relaxing to tie. Natural stress reducers.

  10. Dustin's Fly Box
    Thanks. I appreciate your comment.

  11. Another great set of flies that you have posted. They are beautiful.

  12. Brk Trt whose hooks are you using for those streamers?

  13. Todd,
    The hooks in the photos are Gaelic Supreme, Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer.