Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Bits and more Bits" 5/11/11

Some of my thoughts and ramblings on small streams, books, food, flies and wild trout. There are times when I'll hit a stream, wanting to fish, and then instead of doing so I'll just wander about. I'll toss the fly in a promising stretch of water, then lift the fly out and put it in the hook holder, then find a place to sit and just take it all in.
The birds, trees, toads, the water as it cascades over the rocks, and at times the splashy rises of wild brook trout attempting to secure a meal. These are tonics to refresh ones mind and soul.

The beauty of a plunge pool.

For those who love wild trout and the small streams they inhabit, I reccomend this book. Well done, with nice photos.

An outstanding sandwich my friends. Pastrami heated in a skillet, placed on rye bread, and topped with swiss cheese.

A brook trout that fell to a reversed parachute emerger. I tie these in size 14 and 16 with various colored dubbings, and hackles.

These are "Bombers". I believe they are the best fly to take wild trout from small streams. I tie these in size 14 and 16, but there is no doubt size 14 is tops.


  1. Thanks for the book recommendation, I plan to pick it up. Beautiful pic of the brookie.

  2. Wow! Yeah, that brookie pic is stunning! And, those Bombers look great...(as does the sandwich!)

  3. Kiwi,
    You'll enjoy the book. I never knew of the trout that were in this area of Mexico. Thanks.

    The brookies will at times be happy to have their picture taken, and I can get a good shot.
    And the Bombers are trout candy, and s the Pastrami........... Well.

    Thank you for the comment.

  4. Great pics, flies and sandwich. That brookie pic really is stunning.

  5. Hey Alan.....heading to Barnstable next week for work. Any streams or rivers that those Bombers will help erase the big fat zero on my trout scorecard? Of course.....nice pictures as usual.

  6. I will get the book as i am always looking for stuff to read. The first shot is great. It really picks up the bright greens of spring.

  7. The African Fly Angler,
    Thanks. Once in a while they will hold for a good photo.

    Thank you.

  8. Ed,
    I can give you some info. Just email me your email address. I think I lost yours when my computer went whacky.

    The book is something you'll enjoy.
    You have just got to love spring.

  9. I'll take the Pastrami to go please !

  10. Great pictures, there is nothing like being on a small stream to help clear the mind. Great post.

  11. Nice flies. That sandwich is making me really hungry. Those pics are great. I also sometimes just wonder the stream addicted to sound of the rushing water. Great Post.

  12. I don't know what happened to the rest of the comments. Blogger went whacky I guess.

  13. Pastrami and Swiss is my favorite sandwich. You're making me hungry.

  14. Killer set of Bombers!! Great searching pattern for moving water.

  15. Jay,
    Pastrami is one of those over salted, not very lean, must haves from time to time.

    Thanks. I tied a few last year in size 10, and fished the Farmington in some very heavy currents, I was impressed with what they managed to bring up to the surface