Friday, May 13, 2011

Small Stream Journal Entry 5/12/11

On this outing I had a new companion. A new small stream rod.
I picked this up for a good price. It's a TFO Signature Series, 6ft 2wt. It had a few cosmetic scratches on the reel seat and the out the door price 62.00. It worked very well on its maiden trip.

This plunge pool produced several nice fish, and several nice Bomber flies also met with an underwater demise.

This little run gave up a few brookies. As the fly drifted to the tail of the pool and was allowed to pop up in the broken water, it was to much for those brookies to pass up.

Two beautiful wild jewels, from a free flowing healthy freestone stream.

These are salmon cakes we enjoyed that evening. The recipe was from, "FISH ON---FISH OFF" blog. They were simply delicious.


  1. Top Shelf Post! thanks for the pics!

  2. Brk Trt,

    again, another great post. TFO, what a great rod. Hope you enjoy it! It looks like you already gave the TFO a nice start.

    P.S. nice fish.

  3. Mom's salmon cakes (she calls them "salmon croquettes) are one of my favorite things to eat. I've made them myself too, but mom's are always better. Nice post.

  4. Savage,

    Thanks. So far the TFO has worked very well. I love that emerald green blank.

    I agree. Mom's cooking is hard to duplicate. It seems they always had that secret ingredient.

  5. A Bomber ventured is a brookie gained. :)
    I'll be in touch about a fishing excursion very soon.

  6. Apache Trout,
    That sums it up pretty good.
    Looking forward to an outing.

  7. Glad you're getting out Brk Trt. I haven't been for over 2 weeks..between working 5 days a week, the cold and the rain and trying to get springtime chores done around the house it's been a battle. Hopefully soon!

  8. penbayman,
    Sometimes the neccesities in life will prevent our time on the water.
    Keep good thoughts friend.

  9. Oh man I'm jealous of the 6ft rod. What a deal! I mostly use my 7ft. but have been thinking of going a bit smaller. Those pics are great and beauty fish. My wife and I are drooling over the Salmon cakes. YUMMM

  10. I've been fishing that TFO 6-foot 2wt for a few years now. It's been my only flyfishing rod and I'm waiting on delivery of a Sage 7.5-foot 3wt this week. It's been an good rod for small streams but a little stiff in the action, especially for roll casting.

    Btw, I tied up a few Bombers and got immediate strikes on the first two casts on a trip last week. No hook-up either time and then the brookies refused to look at it. Ever see this reaction before?

  11. Trout Magee,
    You'll love the 6 footer, great rod.

    I'm happy to get a report on the TFO from those who have used it. Thanks.
    I to have had those days when they take a good whack at the Bomber and miss, almost as if they are playing with it. But the fly is a producer and will bring you many fish to hand.
    Keep fishing it and keep us posted.