Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two Streamers

These are two fine streamers that were created by Dave Goulet from Massachusetts. Dave is an outstanding fly tyer and owner of the Classic and Custom Fly Shop, on the Farmington River in New Hartford,CT. He operated this shop until his retirement a year or so ago.

The first streamer is the "Mobey Dick". I have fished this fly for years and it's a streamer that gets attention. It's fished in the normal way of fishing streamers, and can also be fished as a wet fly too. In times of high water I have placed a split shot just above the eye of the hook and have had good results sort of bouncing it off the bottom.

The second streamer is the "Brown Olive Ghost". It's a featherwing streamer tied in the Rangeley Style. This streamer is featured in G. Hilyards book "Carris G. Stevens". Its's a beautiful fly, and a productive one I'm sure, although I have never fished it.
I tied both of these streamers, and they are not extremely difficult to tie. The "Mobey Dick" can be found in the fly shops of CT and MA I'm pretty sure. The "Brown Olive Ghost" is a streamer that might have to be tied for you by a fly tyer.


  1. I turned the Moby Dick into a standard wet fly a few years ago and it is now my favorite riffle pattern on the Millers.

  2. I like the looks of Mobey Dick. I like peacock herl and simplicity. Thank you.

  3. These are real nice. I tie a staynor ducktail which is prettty close to the moby dick

  4. Millers River,
    I've seen you wet fly conversion on your blog.
    I may give it a try.

    It is a simple tie, and we all know the attracting power of peacock herl and trout.

    If you have a photo of this staynor ducktail, post it on your blog. I would like to see it.

  5. I love the colors and the pattern on the "Brown Olive ghost".

    Whitetail Woods™

  6. Yep I have to agree with all the other comments. I am always happy to see a new post from Small Stream Reflections on my Dashboard. Great info and nice streamers. What is the best way to fish a streamer on a small freestone stream? Big browns and rainbows in this creek. Lots of rapids. I live in Wisconsins Driftless Area. Also wondering best time of day to use streamers?
    Great post Thanks!

  7. Rick K.
    Thanks. It would be a good pattern to use where there are some big browns around.

    Trout Magee,
    Thanks. On small streams its best to fish them when you have some higher waters, after a good rain. They can be difficult to fish them otherwise. In larger waters is where they work well. The streamer can be effective fished any time of day, but low light conditions are best.

    I have a blog post scheduled on fishing streamers, soon

  8. Thanks for the advise and I will be looking forward to that post on fishing streamers. Tight Lines to you.

  9. Great ties as always Alan.