Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bits and More Bits

Just a collection of things I thought might be of use. I replaced a fly line that was long past it's ability to work properly. The color was a bit bright but may be of use on those low light conditions.

With some of the leftovers from St.Patrick's Day meal, I put together a breakfast of corned beef hash. Shredded corned beef, redskin potato's, and lots of onions.

We all know that used Altoids tins are good for holding flies. I have another way of using them. I put together a few items that have come in handy for me at times in the field. It's not a first aid kit, or for survival, just some items that give me peace of mind.

While fishing this small stream the other day I hooked a brown trout. Looking at the photo, where do you think the trout took the fly?

Peanut butter and jelly. This is in my opinion the classic Trout Bum food. I like both the natural, I believe it tastes more like peanuts, but the other one is easy to spread. While the two jellies in the photo are not jelly but jam, they are my favorites. The classic PB&;J sandwich usually is made with sliced white bread, I prefer whole wheat or sliced soft Italian bread.


  1. Brk Trt,
    I really enjoy this blog. I live in Central MA, and fish brookie streams also. Are you in NH or CT?

  2. Brk Trt,

    1st, I believe the Brown you caught was between the rock and the far bank in front of the tree on that bank?? Just a guess. 2nd guess, would be off the tip of the rock in what looks like a slight pocket.

    But what a great looking breakfast. I wish I had left overs, but my classic Irish dinner was gone the evening we ate it. Actually, we have CB&C often. We put it in the crock pot before going to work, and its ready when we get home in the evening. Works well!

    PB&J is what its all about!!! I pack that same sandwich when FF and hiking streams in the woods. PB&J packs & keeps perfect in your pocket.

    Nice post..........DRYFLYGUY

  3. I'm with Dryflyguy on my first guess, but if that's wrong i want to say more in the center of the photo near that dark shadow.

    Also I too carry a peace of mind kit. There is just something about knowing you have more then just boxes of flies and fishing supplies. Most of these small streams are tucked away, and should something odd happen it's good to have some essentials.

    Great post I love reading your stuff

  4. I am going to guess behind the rock.

    Stonewall makes great stuff. There is a store off the Maine Turnpike near Kittery and once in a blue moon I stop in and get some samples.

    When I go bass fishing on a local pond I bring my LL Bean backpack and it has a "peace of mind" kit today.

  5. Cliff,
    Thanks. I hope you'll continue to read my blog, and contribute, it's appreciated. I live in CT, but I have fished in MA. as well as several other states.

    Thanks. Yes it's not often we have leftovers on CB&C, but for some reason it happened this time. No refrigeration needed on PB&J.
    The brown trout answer will come later.

  6. Bruce,
    Thanks. Those items in that tin, packed away in the corner of the vest or pack, hope we don't need them but they're there.
    The stream answer later.

    Stonewall's jams and jellies are tops. That blueberry one is like fresh fruit, not overly sweet.

  7. A man that like PB&J. I bow to your greatness.


  8. that breakfast looked really good! And who does not like PB&J... Really

  9. Shoreman,

    I can't imagine anyone not liking PB&J

  10. Another mouth watering post from Brk Trt. Time to go make a PBJ.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Passinthru Outdoors Blog - Sharing the Passion

  11. Terrific post - great collection of thoughts

    I'd say tight against teh bank, directly under the tree that is behind the rock in the photo

  12. Passinthru,
    Thanks. Enjoy that sandwich.

    I'll post the spot of that brown in a day or so.

  13. Along the bank where the roots and debris form a wee cave between the two main roots.

  14. Glad to see you did the hash,chunky wouldn't have been right not to have had one, sizzling away for breakfast. as far as the pb& technique is to slather peanut butter on both slices of bread with the jelly in the middle..keeps the bread from sucking up all that jelly goodness..i'm guessing the trout was on the leading edge of the backside of the rock..i don't think that makes a lick of sense!

  15. parkerjamesii
    The answer is coming soon.

    That PB&J spread routine sounds good.

  16. My favorite breakfast in the whole world...REAL Corned Beef and Hash!! Oh, that made me hungry... :) And I'm guessing the trout were lying under that tree! Am I right?

  17. Still waiting to here where you caught that brown trout.


  18. RD,
    Good vittles for sure.

    golden beetle,
    In a day or so.